PEP Talks- 8 months

Here I am again! 8 months old and full of energy!! My eighth month was so fun and busy. I'd better get started...

I got to go to my very first pumpkin patch! Some of the pumpkins were even bigger than me! The pumpkin patch was at my friend Lucy Paige's house.  What?! A pumpkin patch at her house!? But it's true! Her daddy is the youth pastor at a local church, and every year, the youth hosts a pumpkin patch as a fundraiser in the yard between the church and my friend's house.  It has face painting, bean bag toss, and a really big slide that Daddy went on with me.  Mommy wasn't thrilled with the idea, but I had lots of fun! Maybe next year I can do it again.

Mom and Aunt Ryan really wanted to get a picture of Lucy and me at the pumpkin patch.  They made a bunch of really funny faces and noises! At least I thought they were funny...  Lucy was not impressed.

I also got to celebrate my very first Halloween! Mom, Dad, and I dressed up as characters from The Wizard of Oz.  Mom was the Cowardly Lion, and Dad was the Scarecrow, and I got to be Dorothy. I even had ruby slippers! We went "Trunk-or-Treating" at Lucy's church.  She and her family went as the "Where's Waldo" family.  Aunt Ryan got inventive with their shirts and Aunt Jessica made their hats.  Next year will be even more fun because we'll get to walk around and maybe even eat a little candy!

Something funny that happened this month was that I got eaten by the Laundry hamper.  Mom had dumped out the bag and set it on the floor.  She left the room for only a minute, but that was all the time it needed.  That laundry hamper somehow made its way from the floor to on top of me.  Mom came back in and when she realized that I was enjoying it, she took this picture of me.  Mom is going to have to watch out! I'm way more mobile than I was, so leaving me alone even for a minute is plenty of time for me to get into mischief!

Mom was going through a box of old toys and things when she came across some old pictures of my Uncle Jacob when he was a baby about my age.  Everyone has always said that we look alike, but you can really tell in the pictures!

Since it's been getting colder, Mom has been making me bundle up in the mornings when she takes me to Mrs. Scott's house.  I really hate things on my head. And my feet.  So socks and hats have not been my friends.  Mom insists that I keep them on though, and when the hat is as cute as this one Aunt Jessica made for me, I guess I can oblige.

I recently went to the Doctor (cold and a double ear infection= no fun!), and they weighed me.  I am at 17 lbs, 3 oz.  It's slightly lower on my growth curve than I normally have been, but no worries.  I'm just gaining at a slightly slower rate.  They didn't check my height since it was a sick child appointment rather than a check up.  I'll get all my measurements done at my 9 month appointment.

I still love my food, but only mixed with cereal.  Baby food is too soft.  I have also recently tried eating Puffs.  I love them, but I have a hard time getting them from my hand into my mouth by myself.  I'll get it figured out in no time though I'm sure.  I have also started taking "big girl" baths without my baby tub.  Mom and Dad have to watch close though or else I try to pull up on the side of the tub.  I think I may try it on furniture soon.

I am really excited about the rest of November.  Mom says I get to have my first Thanksgiving, and it sounds neat! I'm sure there will be lots of pictures! Until then, I'll enjoy being 8 months old!

Talk to you soon!
Parker E. Poe


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