Just a few more minutes

I held Parker for her nap this evening.  I didn't lay her down like I usually do so I can have an hour or so to clean or cook or work on projects.  Tonight, I held and rocked my baby girl because it was only 8 months ago that she looked like this:

Now she looks like this:

Two-thirds of a year have already gone by.  As I rocked her and listened to her slow, soft breathing, I knew that I needed to clean my living room before my husband's parents come over tomorrow.  I knew that I had not started cooking dinner yet.  I knew that I had a team project due.  I knew there were lots of things that I "should" be doing, but none of them mattered.  Right then, the only thing I needed to do was hold and rock my sweet, sleeping girl.  Because in the blink of an eye, she will be grown.  She will be too big to hold and too cool to want me to.

So I held her. And it was perfect.


  1. You did the right thing...just keep holding her as long as you can, because they do grow up so fast. My youngest is 14. I loved on them as often as I could when they were little, and really their whole lives. Now that love is coming back to me in grown children who always hug us and say "I love you," everytime they leave the house or hang up the phone. Parker is so precious and huggable!

  2. Hi Rebekah, Parker has gotten so big! Loved catching up with you today. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. They grow fast don't they. All my best Theresa @DearCreatives


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