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9 Ways To Boost Your Bedroom with Curtains!
Your curtains are the clothing of a room and changing your curtains can have an amazing effect on the atmosphere and style of your room, much as changing your clothes can transform you from office smart to evening formal! Modern fabrics and weaving methods now mean that you have immense choice when it comes to choosing the soft furnishings for a room. Luxurious silk, rich heavy velvet, sculptured thick cotton folds all imbue a room with a unique ambiance and personality.

Net: Net curtains are ideal to provide a barrier between your home and every curious passer-by without you needing to have the curtains shut all the time. This can be especially important in the bedroom. Net curtaining is usually white or cream, but you can get net in a variety of colours. Choose the pattern of your net curtains carefully as the wrong pattern can drain warmth and life from the room, while the right one can infuse a gentle joie de vivre into the home.


Glamorize with Velvet: Velvet is a very rich and plush fabric that feels wonderful to the touch. Having your curtains made from velvet will infuse your whole bedroom with a luxurious and sensual feel. If you want a grown-up look and feminine atmosphere, you can do no better than to hang some lovely long velvet curtains in your bedroom.

Indulge in Silk/ Satin: The cool, sexy sheen of silky satiny fabrics should not be underestimated. Available in a variety of colours, from soft pastel to vibrant primaries, silk is expensive, but deservedly so. Silk curtains are a sure indicator of wealth and success, and you cannot fail to enjoy your bedroom all the more because of them! If genuine silk is out of your price range, you can still create the same effect with cheaper satins and silk-effect polycotton.

Cotton: Cool, crisp and traditional cotton always looks good! The durable fabric not only lasts well, but it takes dye good temperedly and remains fresh and new-looking for a long time. The only problem with cotton is that is does need ironing after each wash, but once pressed the fabric, whether curtains or bedding, looks fabulous again!

Create magic with Voile:  If you are not keen on nets over your windows, why not try some voile curtains? This lovely soft and transparent fabric can be made from cotton, wool or even silk and is perfect to create heavily gathered curtains. The gathers of fabric make sure that no-one can see through the curtains into the room, while the sheer fabric allows sunshine and daylight to brighten up your bedroom easily.

Brocade: Brocade curtains are very traditional and old-fashioned looking, but they are beautiful, nonetheless. Brocade is a thick, heavy fabric, embellished on one side with patterns or pictures. Brocade was originally used as curtaining in the days before central heating and modern carpentry, and it is still useful to block chilly draughts from wintry windows. Brocade adds a rich and timeless beauty to any bedroom.

Plain: Plain curtains are useful in small rooms as they create the illusion of a large expanse of space, opening out the room. Choose a colour that goes well with your bedrooms décor scheme and perhaps even buy a spare pair in a different colour. This will allow you to radically change your room by the simple expedient of swapping your curtains!

Patterned: Patterns can be loud and flamboyant or they can be small and discreet. Choose a pattern that you like, in colours that go well with the décor of your bedroom. Avoid clashing colours in large patterns, as these can be very 'busy' and loud and detract from the charm of your bedroom.

Custom made: Designing and making your own curtains can be very satisfying! It can be tricky to get them just right though, so perhaps opt to pay a seamstress to run your curtains up for you. When you have chosen the fabric, the curtain length and even decided on the width between each pleat, you will feel a great sense of satisfaction when you see your creation hanging beautifully in your windows.

The above nine categories can help you to decide which curtains are right for your room. Take some time and study your bedroom before making your choice to be certain of loving your new look bedroom when you are done! 


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