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We are so beyond excited to meet our sweet baby, little miss Parker Elizabeth, come March!
We had the ultrasound yesterday, and miss thing was being so stubborn!  Husband said she must take after me.  This was before we knew she was a SHE.  She wouldn't sit still to get pictures of her heart taken, then she wouldn't move when it came time to find out the gender.  We had told the ultrasound tech that we wanted to have the gender written down so we could have a gender reveal later.  She was so sweet in accommodating us!  When it was time to look "down there," she told us to avert our eyes and she wrote the name of our baby on the picture that showed the gender. She put the picture in an envelope and we got to take it home.
We gave the envelope to a friend who went and filled a box with balloons for us to open. It was wonderful to see a bunch of pink balloons come flying out of the box! My grandfather was hoping for a little girl, and since I'm due on his birthday, he said he got to pick :)
My friend also made this beautiful piece of art to hang in Parker's room.
It was such an emotional day! Now I really can't wait for March so I can meet my sweet daughter!


  1. What a sweet reveal! I've never seen people use balloons before. So happy for you!

  2. Thank you so much! We are absolutely thrilled!

  3. Congratulations! Parker is such a beautiful name :)

  4. what a sweet idea,

  5. OMG!!! Now this was cool… I'm sad to say that I have three children and I had never even heard of a gender reveal party… if I had known I would've def had one for my sweet babies :-)

    I really like the name Parker too… it has a cute ring to it… oh and the picture, PRICELESS :-)

    Congratulations! I love your blog-now following

    Maya D

    1. I tried to leave you a comment on your post, but it's not going through =( Anyway, I was going to tell you that you have a beautiful family, and your daughter has more fashion sense than I do!!


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