Pillow Re-do

My husband and I are re-doing our bedroom!  When we were registering for gifts, we registered for a really nice bed set that my mom got for us.  While I still think it is beautiful, I now think it's a little girly.  It doesn't have the warm feel that we want for our bedroom.  The pillows that we got with it are very high quality (and they cost a pretty penny, too), so I was really anxious about not being able to use them anymore.  My mother-in-law, who used to work in a fabric store making drapes, let me raid her scrap supply, and I found this gorgeous patterned fabric.  It even feels like the fabric on the original pillow!

 After I measured out how much fabric I was going to need and cut out the rectangle, I turned the fabric inside out and sewed up two sides.

 To sew the corner, rather than take the fabric out and cut the string, I simply raised the needle without detatching the fabric from the stitch, turned the fabric 90 degrees, and kept on going.

Now, I had an inside-out pillow case.  I flipped the fabric back the right way and stuffed the pillow inside.  Close up the remaining open side, and you have a beautiful, new pillow.

Since I already had the pillow and the fabric, this project didn't cost me anything!  Something my husband and I both love!

This is another pillow made the same way.  I am so excited about the new colors!  And after I get the quilt, everything will really start to come together!


  1. I like the colors too! Don't you just love the projects that you can make without going to the store :)

  2. This turned out beautifully! I love the color, so pretty.

  3. Great colors for your pillow.

    I featured one of your creations today on the It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising.



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