PEP Talks- 7 months

 Sorry I'm a little late getting my post up.  It has been crazy around my house the last few days.  My mom was really sick, and Daddy had to take care of her.  Because of this, I got to have my first sleep over with Lucy Paige! Mom and Dad were sad that I couldn't stay with them, but I knew I'd be fine with my friend and my godparents!  Anyway, now I am getting caught up, and it's on to month 7!

I got to experience my first Alabama football game! Well, on TV anyway.  Mom and Dad say I'm still too little to go to a game. Maybe next year!  I still got all dressed up for the game! My grandma made this dress for me to wear.  Mommy was shocked because Grandma is an Auburn fan, just like Daddy.  Everyone says that I can decide what team to go for when I'm older and can choose for myself, but I must admit, I can ROCK some houndstooth =)

 I also LOVE playtime.  Mom lets me help fold my laundry.  I really like it because it's so warm when it first comes out of the dryer.  I wrap myself all in it and I feel so snuggly!

I love getting to have playtime with my dad, too! He makes the funniest noises! He also has these awesome things on his face that he wears over his eyes.  He calls them his glasses and says they help him see.  Personally, I think they taste delicious =)

Oh, you know.  Just sitting on the kitchen floor, looking adorable in my overalls and my flower =)

We did not really do a lot during my seventh month. Mom and Dad have been very busy at work, so we've  just had a lot of quiet nights at home, but we've really enjoyed it.  I love getting to spend my time with Mom and Dad.  Some things have changed for me this month.  I got two new teeth! That makes for a total of five! I really like to grind them back and forth, but that makes Mommy cringe.  She always makes me stop, saying it's not good for my teeth.  I still like to though because the teeth are new and I'm just exploring them and figuring out what they can do.  Something else new is that I am beginning to yell when I get mad instead of only crying.  For instance, the other day, I rediscovered these adorable little balls on the ends of my feet.  Mom and Dad call them "toes."  Well, I really wanted to play with these "toes," but the stubborn things wouldn't come off my feet, no matter how hard I pulled.  I got mad and yelled and yelled.  Mommy laughed and laughed.  I didn't think it was funny. At. All.  I also yell because I get frustrated that I haven't figured out how to crawl yet.  I get on my hands and knees... and that's it.  I rock myself back and forth, but I don't go anywhere.  As soon as I figure it out though, just try to stop me! I will rule the roost!

I've also decided that I no longer like my cereal.  I will only eat it if it's mixed with my fruits or veggies.  Mommy was very confused when I started that.  Cereal has been my favorite, but not anymore! I can't help it.  My tastes are changing.  I know Mom and Dad wish that I could let them know more, but until I learn to talk, they'll just have to keep on guessing! And speaking of talking, I am making all kinds of sounds! I can say B/P, M, D, L, G, K... the list goes on.  I put these sounds in front of my vowel sounds so it sounds like I'm making words.  My favorites to say are "Da-da," "Mama," and recently, after spending time with Lucy Paige's cat, "Here kitty, kitty." It comes out like "Hey, Kee-kee," but I know what I mean!

My favorite toys are my lovey- Frederick, Pooh Bear, Dolly, Sam (he giggles just like a real baby), and my blocks.  Dad throws them around, and I laugh so hard!

I really think that's about it! If I can think of anything else, I'll add it later.  I hope you all have a very happy October! Until next time,

Parker E. Poe


  1. This post is so beautiful. Your daughter is so adorable. What a beautiful way to treasure the memories for your daughter. I am sure she would enjoy it a lot.
    I am a first time mom too and my son is 5 months old. He swings back and forth too and it's so funny.


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