PEP Talk- 5 months

Hello, Again!

Well, my fifth month was definitely one for the books (my baby book that is)! I achieved so many milestones this month.

I have not one, but TWO teeth now! My two bottom front teeth came in.  They didn't really bother me very much, so I didn't let on that they were coming.  I kept it a secret and then one day when I was visiting my Omi and Opa (Mom's grandparents), I decided to reveal it to my Paigey... by biting her. I guess she didn't really mind that I bit her because she got all excited and started yelling to Mom to come see my tooth.  I didn't want everyone to look at it, so I cried when she tried. It's MY tooth, after all.  You'll see it when I want you to see it! Eventually I did let her look, and about 10 days after the first one came in, Mom found my second one.  I like to keep them hidden though. Mom said I should let her take a picture of them to show everyone, but instead, every time she tries, I stick my tongue out and cover them up.  I think it's hilarious. She doesn't agree.  Maybe one day I'll let her take a picture, but for now I'm keeping them all to myself.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun visiting my Omi and Opa. I can always make them smile, and that makes me smile, and they smile even more! We finally got a picture of all four generations, too.


Another milestone is that I am now eating solid foods, although I'm not sure why they are called "solids;"  they're still pretty liquidy to me.  So far, I like my single grain oat cereal, bananas, and sweet potatoes. I think the cereal is the best! But my favorite is still my bottles of milk =)

I am also proud to announce that I can now sit up all on my own... at least for short periods of time. Gravity still gets the better of me and down I go face first.  It doesn't hurt, and I'm quick to want to try it again.  I still will only roll onto my stomach.  Then once I'm there, I lay like a pancake until someone comes to flip me over. Maybe I'll try it myself soon.

So over the summer, Dad took Mom on a very fancy date.  They got all dressed up and went to the Melting Pot! And wouldn't you know, they didn't invite me!  That's ok. I got to go stay with Mrs. Scott and her kids.  We always have fun when we're together.  Once school starts back, I'll get to stay with them everyday while Mom and Dad are at work.  Mom is not looking forward to it, but I tell her that I'll be fine playing all day and when they come to pick me up, I'll have a nice big smile just for them! I'll miss getting to be with Mom all day, and I know she'll miss me, but it will all work out.  I'm not worried at all!

I'm trying to think of more to post, but I'm pretty sure that about covers everything.  I know I'm late getting this post up, but I've had a lot of playing to do before school starts. I'll save everything from the last 10 days for my 6 month post!! Until then, I say good night!

God Bless!
Parker E. Poe


  1. Did the woman in the middle of the top photo used to work at Compass Bank (now BBVA Compass)? She looks just like someone I used to work with at Compass Bank in Birmingham. Thanks! Love the photos and the updates!

    1. She used to work at a bank (not sure which one), but it was several, several years ago, and I'm not sure if it was in Birmingham.

  2. She is so cute!! I love it that she lays still like a pancake when on her tummy!

  3. My baby girl is only 7 weeks old and I love seeing what I have to look forward to in the months to come. :)

    1. It's amazing how fast it goes by. I know everyone says that, but until you have a child, you don't realize how true it is! Enjoy your sweet baby girl!


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