PEP Talk- Month One

A friend of mine started something on her blog where she lets her baby boy "write" his own posts to update the world on how he's been and what he's been up to. Well, when Parker heard about that she demanded her own blog post as well! So here is Parker E. P0e's first P.E.P. Talk =)
Hello World! Parker E. P0e here (and I have been for a month now)!  The time sure has flown by! It has been a month since mom ever so kindly evicted me from my nice, warm world and introduced me to this one.  I was not so sure how I liked it at first. It's so big and bright! When mom and dad took me from the hospital, I was a little nervous.  They didn't quite look like they knew what they were doing.  They still look like that most days, but they're getting better.
So in my one month here, I have already had LOTS of experiences and met a TON of new people.  It's been fun matching faces to the voices that I had been hearing before I got here.  I even went on my first big car ride to visit mom's mom, my Paigey, for Easter.  She lives a few hours away, but I slept the whole ride up. I try to fight it, but the car gets me every time.
I also got to stay with Mrs. Marjorie and Mrs. Sybil one evening while mom and dad ran some errands and got some dinner. I wasn't nervous at all because Mrs. Marjorie is a pediatric nurse! What a great baby sitter! Mrs. Marjorie and Mrs. sybil have a cute little etsy shop called From Bham with Love that you should definitely check out. Mrs. Sybil and her husband Mr. Adam (also a pediatric nurse) are in the process of adopting a little girl from Bulgaria. All the profits from the etsy shop go toward bringing her home.  I hope they get to soon. I can't wait to meet my new friend!
I may still be really young, but I already know what I like.  Meet "Butterfly."  Butterfly is my friend.   Mom introduced me to him when I was two weeks old and looking incredibly bored.  I used to barely be able to swat at him, but since I have longer arms, and more control over them, now we have epic battles! I can hit him and pull on him and swing him back and forth.

Me and Butterfly
I was pretty intense during this play time!

I also have had several baths. This picture is from my first one. I wasn't so sure how I felt about it, but now it's part of my bedtime routine, and I fall asleep so well afterwards. You can't tell, but my towel's hood looks like a duck. 

 It has started warming up, so mom and dad have been taking me outside more.  I love to feel the breeze and the warm sunshine. I went to a friend's birthday party on my one-month birthday.  His name is AJ and he turned 2. His little brother, Eli, is only three days younger than me! I'm excited to be able to play with them when I get bigger.

I partied pretty hard.

Mom and Dad. Pretty good looking parents, I must say!

AJ and Eli with their parents

Probably the thing I liked the most was having my Paigey come and stay with mom and me for a week when Dad had to go back to work after Spring Break.  She helped mom a LOT, and made her feel not so nervous.  She really knows what she's doing!

Based on this picture, I know EXACTLY what I'll look like when I get older =)

My doctor says I am growing very well- 60-70th percentile all across the board! Mom keeps me well-fed, and I finally got my days and nights on track. Did you know that night time was for sleeping?? No one told me! (Sorry Mom and Dad!) But it's been better for everybody now that I've figured that out. I go back to the doctor when I'm two months old, just in time for my next post.  Until then, have a great April! I'm sure I will =)

Love, Parker


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