DIY Starbucks Cup Halloween Costume

We had our Fall Festival at church this evening, and I was so excited to reveal our costumes, particularly Parker's!!

This was a super simple costume to make.  Absolutely NO SEW! She already had the white shirt and leggings. All I needed was the "sleeve" with the logo. I bought a piece of tan felt and cut it in half length-wise.  I measured it around my daughter's belly and hotglued one end together.  Then I attached self-stick velcro on the other ends to make it removable.  I Google-searched images for the logo and printed it off on my home printer on a 4x6 background.  I cut it out and attached it to the felt using spray adhesive.  You could use iron-on paper, but I didn't have any on hand.  The spray adhesive held up really well!

For the headband, I cut a piece of oval felt the size I wanted the "whipped cream" to be.  Then, I simply hotglued stretched-out cotton balls all over it.  I hotglued the straw to the cotton and added more cotton balls to cover up the base of the straw and make it more sturdy.

The glasses frames were all my daughter's idea.  I borrowed a pair from a friend to wear for my costume.  When Parker saw mine, she picked up the other pair and demanded, "Glasses, Momma!" She put them on herself and wore them the whole night! It was the perfect touch for our Hipster Halloween!!


  1. Thanks for the cute costume picture! I've been searching all over for how to make a simple Starbucks Latte costume for my 18 month old daughter and you nailed it! I am copying this. My husband and I are going to be Baristas.


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