PEP Talk- 4 months

Good morning, friends! I'm up bright and early this morning and in such a good mood, I thought I'd go ahead and fill everybody in on what's been going on this fourth month of my life... Wow. 4 months. That's 1/3 of a year already people! I am getting old!

At my 4 month check up

So in my last post, I mentioned that I was getting better at holding my head up. Well check me out now! I can roll over all on my own from my back to my belly and hold my head up to play with my toys! It's a whole new world from this angle!

And since I'm rolling, I can maneuver myself around a little bit.  I can't really pull myself yet, but if I get my feet and my toes just right, I can scoot.
Mom started me out like this...

And this is how I ended up. You can't leave me anywhere!
My Paigey came to visit me again! She lives a few hours away, so I don't get to see her as often as Mom or I would like, so we always make sure to fill our visits with lots of fun =)
I am still working on cutting that same tooth as before, and sometimes it makes me very sad because it hurts. Luckily I have the best Daddy in the world, and he's always there to make me feel better.
This picture was me watching the Braves game a few weeks ago.  I was really into the game, and Mom thought it was funny.  She kept interrupting my baseball-watching. I take the game very seriously. No interrupting next time, Mom!

While my Paigey was down to visit, Mom got a text message super early in the morning telling her and Dad to hurry to the hospital. My best friend was being born!!!! I stayed with Paigey and Mom and Dad went as fast as they could.  Aunt Ryan finally had her baby, Lucy Paige, on July 2nd.  She's a very little baby, only 5 and a half pounds! Mom said I was never that small.  I look like a giant next to her! But Aunt Ryan says she'll grow and then we can play together.  Until then, I'll just sit beside her and tell her all the ways of the world.

 As you can tell from the last picture, I really wanted to hold Lucy myself, but they wouldn't let me.  I didn't get it. Mom and Dad always are encouraging me to grab and hold my toys, but when I wanted to hold Lucy, that's a No-no. Apparently it was REALLY a No-no when I lurched forward and tried to give her a kiss, which Mom and Dad normally love! Silly adults. They make no sense. Anyway, I have been to visit Lucy a couple of times since then, and she gets to come to my house today so Mom and Aunt Ryan can take her newborn pictures. They're going to be so pretty!
Mom's friend Cara also had her baby girl, Elizabeth, in June. Mom and Cara have been friends since Kindergarten... 20 years! Mom and Cara have the same middle name, Elizabeth, and now it's my middle name and Elizabeth's first name! So many Elizabeths!
Well, it's getting about time to eat. Mom is insisting on holding my hand and it's difficult to type with only one free one, so I'd better sign off. Until next time!
Parker E. Poe


  1. Woow...your baby so cute. I love her. When I see the baby I can see her eyes so honest... I love a baby so much. Thank you for sharing...


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