The LA Shop

Recently I was contacted by a representative from The LA Shop. She said she had seen my blog and thought that I would like some of the items they have on their website.  I had never heard of The LA Shop before, so I went on their website and was shocked by the variety of items they sell! Pretty much, if you name it, they have it! Gardening and outdoor supplies perfect for summer time, tools and hardware for Father's Day gifts... a little bit of everything!

What caught my eye immediately was, of course, the PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT!! I was in heaven! Backdrops, soft boxes, and umbrellas abound on this website.  For our photography business Image 1:27 Photography, my partner and I have been looking to purchase some basic equipment.  Normally we shoot outdoors, but recently there has been a baby boom, and for newborn portraits, we shoot indoors in the baby's home.  For backdrops, one of us has to hold the fabric up while the other one shoots.  Needless to say, this is not the best way to get it done.  I selected the 8x10 Portable Backdrop Stand.

It is extremely light weight, yet incredibly sturdy.  It comes with a free carrying case to make it even easier to tote around to our photography sessions.  Now instead of being stuck behind a backdrop, we can capture sweet baby faces like this one

It was quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. We attached the blanket at the top and draped it over the beanbag, laid this sweet angel down, and took her picture. So much better than what we had been having to do.

As a gift to my readers, The LA Shop is offering 10% off all orders! Just use the promo code BLOGGERS.  What a great deal! I will definitely be ordering from them again!


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