The Deal

For our wedding, my grandmother bought me a bread machine.  She makes the most wonderful bread and has since I was little.  I can't smell bread baking without thinking of her. So for her to buy a bread machine for me? I was just a little nervous.  That thing was big and shiny and intimidating.
My husband, whom I love dearly, mocked me recently because I had never used it. We recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary.  For three years, this bread machine has stared me down on my countertop, taunting me. 
Second part to the story:  I want to paint our kitchen.  Pinterest has taken me over, and my house is seeing the ramifications of this.  I am hoping to paint it over the summer.  My husband had previously made a "deal" with me.  Until I use the bread machine three times, I cannot do ANYTHING to the kitchen.
That deal sat untouched for several months. Until this week.  This week, I summoned up my courage and bought 3 packets of yeast.  I found a French Bread recipe that seemed nearly fool proof, and I dusted off the old bread machine. We eyed each other for a moment, almost in a standoff (insert tumble weeds and wild west music).  I got to work.
3/4 cup of water + 2 tbs water (slightly warmer than room temp).....  Into the bread machine pan
1 tbs oil..... Done
1 tbs sugar....... Easy. Next?
1 tsp salt........... Got it.
2 and 1/4 C bread flour........... (Does All-purpose flour count?? Yes?? Moving on then)
Make an indention in the four and add 1.5 tsp  of active dry yeast into the indention (don't let it touch the water).
All the ingredients were in my machine.  Next step? Select loaf size (1 lb), crust color (medium), and press start.
Really? That's it? THAT WAS SO EASY!!! Why had I been so scared?!

Look how pretty that turned out! And seriously, it was so simple.  I made another loaf two days later that was even lighter and fluffier than the first one!  One more to go, and I get to paint my kitchen =)
I can't believe I put it off!


  1. That IS beautiful bread! Thank you for sharing the recipe!!!! I am going to try it, once I secure some yeast!


  2. I love homemade bread! The loaves look beautiful. Great Job!

  3. I love homemade bread! Yours looks great! I am new from southern charm. I would love for you to check out my blog and hopefully follow me back! Nicole

  4. Great job! Yea- only one more time and you can get to work on the kitchen. Thanks for partying with us.

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

  5. I just came across this and made it today. It didn't even last a whole night it was that good. Am going to make another one tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing!


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