Project Nursery Part 5

In order to add more storage to Parker's room, we maximized the closet space!

The closet had sliding doors on it, meaning you could open one side or the other, but not both at the same time.  And the rocking chair in Parker's room was nearly blocking one of the doors.  Using an idea I saw on Pinterest for inspiration, my husband totally made over the closet.

He removed the doors, which immediately made the room seem larger! He took out a bar from the left side of the closet, and raised the bar on the right side side.  We picked up two cheap bookcases from Walmart for $15 a piece.  On the bookcases, we put her books, toys, shoes, and hairbows.  There is still plenty of room for more.  The diaper boxes line the top shelf in the closet.  It really opens the room up, and frees the rest of the room from being too cluttered. And when she's older and ready to play, all her toys and books will be within reach =)

We are close to being finished with the nursery!! I can't wait to bring baby girl home to enjoy it!


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