On Your Mark

There's very little as intimidating as sitting down to a computer or with a notebook and preparing to write the first lines of a new post series. A series you've been writing in your head and your heart for quite some time. A series that you actually intend for people to read. What am I thinking? Who cares what I have to say?

But somehow, I find myself here, pen in hand (because I am a kinesthetic learner), staring at a bright white sheet of wide-ruled notebook paper, the pink line of the left margin staring back at me with all the boldness of a marathon starting line. And yet, that's exactly what it feels like. A starting line. A beginning.

I decided writing this series would be my "New Year's Resolution." Just like the pink starting line on my notebook paper, the beginning of a brand new year heralded the start of me no longer saying "some day" but instead, "right now." My goals for the year, aside from writing more, is to do more things with purpose. Set aside time for people rather than squeezing them in. Plan dinners instead of raiding my severely unorganized pantry and fridge to see what I can come up with. Find local events and get active in my community.

Live. With purpose.

I want this blog to almost feel like a journal, chronicling our year. I want to look back on it and remember not only what I did, but how it felt to do it.  I also want to be on the "other side" of the camera more. I want to see myself in photos with my daughter, my husband, my friends.... Even if I'm on day three of dry shampoo. Even if I have a few extra pounds that seem to be holding on even tighter now that I'm almost thirty. Even if my house is a wreck. This is my life. I want to look back on it and remember it how it was. If I keep spending my days waiting for the perfect house, the perfect career, the perfect anything, I will miss out on my "accidentally wonderful", which is something I've overlooked for way too long.

In writing this blog, I hope to spring from the waiting, anxious position I've been crouched in and burst into a run- charging ahead, finding my pace, and settling into a steady rhythm. So this is me, anticipating the race ahead.

On your mark...

Get set.....

Here I go.


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