Gray Foyer Table

This piece belonged to my husband before we got married. Once I moved in, and we got new furniture, it went into storage. I pulled it out recently to give it a makeover. 

I used some "oops" paint from Lowe's to give it a coat of a nice gray color. I dry brushed some dark gray over the top and distressed it heavily. Then I blended some timetable glaze with some of the dark gray and antiqued it, really focusing on the crevices. 

I found a buyer within a week, and she will be picking it up on Labor Day! I joked with my husband that perhaps if I had done this sooner, we would have used the piece ourselves when we first got married! It's a pretty piece, and I'm glad it will be going to a new home!


  1. This turned out just gorgeous! I love revamping things & giving them a second chance at life! Great work girl!


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