No talkie before coffee!!

If there is one thing my students have learned about  me this year, it is this: do not talk to Mrs. P before she's finished her cup of coffee!

Student: "Mrs. P?" *notices half-full coffee cup*  "Never mind.  It can wait." *backs away slowly*

I have to admit, my addiction to my morning cup of coffee is strong... and expensive.  Even mochas from fast food chains will run upwards of $2.50 a cup!  To curb my spending, my husband got me a home coffee machine, but those little cups still add up.  I was so excited when I heard about Gourmesso, the premium online retailer of Nespresso compatible capsules

Gourmesso was founded in February 2013 by serial entrepreneurs and passionate coffee lovers. The foundation of Gourmesso’s success is the unique combinations of high quality coffee, made of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans from around the world, offered at a price unmatched by any of their competitors. Their capsules are all $0.45, making them 30% more affordable than the different Nespresso varieties! You can't find those kinds of prices anywhere else! Believe me; I've tried! 
They currently have 15 different coffee blends and are constantly looking to increase that number by adding no less than 5 new blends each year. The high number of coffee capsule varieties is yet another aspect that differentiates Gourmesso from other similar companies.  I ordered two different flavors- Soffio Vanigilia and Brasile Blend Dolce.  Both are delicious! The Soffio Vanigilia has a yummy vanilla flavor and is my personal favorite! The Brasile Blend Dolce is for those of us who like a balanced and mild espresso, perfect for those early Monday mornings.  

Even my sweet pea got in on this action! She's not actually getting anything out of the cup, but she thinks she's big when she tries =)  She'll be sticking with apple juice for a while!  Leave the coffee for the MOMMY!! And leave the OVERPRICED coffee somewhere else; I'm sticking with Gourmesso!


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