PEP Talk- Month 2

Hello, again! Parker, here.  I'm a day late in getting my two-month post up, but I was in NO MOOD for blogging last night. I went to the doctor for my check up and I was happy and everyone was playing with me. UNTIL, I got THREE shots in my leg! They came with no warning. It was not a good birthday present.  But I was brave and only cried for a minute.  Mom said I did a good job and gave me a bottle. It was better than a lollipop =)

I've done a lot of growing since my last check up.  I am 23.5 inches long and I weigh 11 lbs, 13 oz.  I am in the 65-75% in everything.  My doctor says I'll grow up to be tall like my mom, which is fine with me.  Mom says it's good to be tall.

I have also learned of the joys of sleep.  Why I was so resistant at first is beyond me! Mom and Dad give me my warm bath around 8:30, then I get my night time bottle, and then it's off to sleep. I sleep for about 8 hours every night. We are all very happy =)
I'm so happy, I smile in my sleep!

So since my last post, something amazing happened to me! I was baptized! My family attends the Lutheran Church, which baptizes infants.  Some people question or disagree with infant baptism.  Please allow me to get theological for a moment by quoting Pastor Michael Spencer:

"[The Lutheran view of baptism] understands baptism as God’s act, not a human act. It’s primarily about grace, not faith. It is done to us in God’s name (that is, as an act of God performed by his representative), we do not do it to ourselves. It is not the sign of my response to God, it is the sign and seal of what God has done for me... Since evangelicalism views baptism as a one-time initiatory act that communicates a singular message about conversion, those who practice believer’s baptism don’t bring up the subject again in the course of the Christian life. However, Lutherans (following Luther himself) see baptism as an ongoing object lesson of the Christian life that we must remember and reenact every day. We practice our baptism daily by repenting (dying to the old life) and rising to walk in new life."

Pastor Eddie

My baptism was on April 21st.  I wore my mom's baptism gown that her mom bought in Germany before my mom was even born. 

TJ and Ryan Phelps became my godparents.  That means that they will constantly be praying for me, and if anything was to happen to my parents, they will make sure that I am still brought up in church. It's a very big deal, not one to be taken lightly, and I am so thankful to have them. I know they'll do a great job.
It was so nice to be surrounded by my family on this special day.
Dad's family

Mom's Family

The day after I turned 6 weeks, Mom had to go back to work. She was very sad and cried, but I told her that I was going to have so much fun with Mrs. Scott, my babysitter! I get Mrs. Scott to send her pictures of me during the day so she can watch me play. She's not so sad anymore, but we can't wait for summer so we can stay together all day!
I have lots of fun at Mrs. Scott's house!

If you can't tell, the bottom left picture is a picture of me blowing bubbles.  I have recently discovered my tounge. Mom and Dad poke theirs out at me, and I poke mine out right back.  I can use my tougne to make bubbles (like in the picture), and also to LICK things! If you get close enough to my mouth, I will lick you. You have been warned! I lick the blanket during tummy time; I lick Mom's shoulder when she's carrying me.  It's a little strange, I know, but I just can't help myself.

Well, that's pretty much it for now.  It was a very busy second month of life, and I have been enjoying every minute of it (except for those shots).  Until next time,

Parker =)



  1. I am so glad you linked up with Instagram Thursday. Your daughter is beautiful, My little man is 4 months and it seems like just yesterday he was born. It goes so fast!!


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