Chicken Schnitzel

Last week, my mom came down to visit while my husband was out of town with his students on a field trip. I love having my mom stay with me. She is such a big help with Parker! She lives almost 3 hours away, which isn't way too far, but it's the farthest apart we've been.  Any chance to have her come down is fine with me!
Parker and "Paigey"
When my mom comes, she will cook dinner.  Everything I know, I learned from her!  This time, she made chicken schnitzel.  Growing up, this was a staple in my house. My grandmother is German, so we have a lot of German food. This chicken schnitzel is surprisingly easy to make, and tastes better than anything in a restaurant!
First, cut boneless, skinless chicken breasts into smaller, thin pieces (two large chicken breasts will become 6 smaller pieces). Salt and pepper the chicken. Dredge the chicken in flour, then egg, then bread crumbs.  She used Panko breadcrumbs with Italian seasonings.
Brown the chicken in vegetable oil in a skillet heated to medium heat.  If it's browning too fast, turn the heat down.  If it's not browning fast enough, turn the heat up (we are very precise when it comes to our cooking techniques, can you tell?).
Once the chicken is golden brown, take it out of the oil and drain it on a paper towel. We ate ours with a spinach salad and mashed potatos.  It was a wonderful dinner! I can't wait until she can come visit again =)


  1. This is how Sammie loves her chicken! I bet Parker will too. Glad your mom gets to come help you! She is such a doll! xo Theresa

  2. Parker is so adorable!!

    That chicken looks delicious :)

  3. Yummy! There is a German restaurant near my house that often has this as a special!!

  4. What a little cutie! And your chicken looks so yummy. Thanks for linking up to the Whatever Wednesday Linky Party.

    Cherished Handmade Treasures

  5. Ah..Schnitzel is wonderful, but it is no accident...

  6. Stopping by from Weekend re-treat~ Your Schnitzel looks wonderful:) Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  7. Sounds yummy! I love chicken so it's great to have another recipe. Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!



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