Why I was MIA for a while...

So this is my first post in an awfully long time, but I have two very good reasons why I dropped the bloggy ball for a while.

Reason #1

Mr. Husband and I finally bought a house!
We had decided to start looking around mid-June, and after a day of looking (it only took us one day!), we found our dream home.  We put the offer on it that afternoon, and the next morning our realtor called to say the owners had accepted!  We got all of the paper work in order and about four weeks later, we closed on the house.  It was really the smoothest process, and I thank my amazing realtor and mortgage consultant for making everything go like clockwork!  The house is 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom, with a huge eat-in kitchen, formal dining room, and spacious living room with a gorgeous stone fireplace.  The backyard is already fenced, so hopefully we'll be able to get a dog soon.  We are thrilled with our new place!

Reason #2

We're having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We found out on the 4th of July, and have been dying to start telling people!  This picture is how we finally announced it to the world.  I wanted to wait until after the first ultrasound (8 weeks). At the appointment, we got to hear the heartbeat: a very fast, very steady 180 beats per minute.  That amazing sound made my own heart skip a beat.  My mom and my husband were there to hear it also.  My due date is March 9th, which is my grandfather's birthday, and I would love for my son or daughter to share a birthday with him. My super-creative sister-in-law Jessica (find her blog here) is helping me come up with some pretty awesome nursery ideas, so stay tuned to see how they turn out!

I can't believe how blessed my little *growing* family is.  I am so thankful.


  1. Wow! Double Whammy! What great news!

  2. Thanks for linking up and congrats on the bun in the oven . . . and the new kitchen to cook it in - ha!! CAN't wait to hear/see how life changes!!



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