Triple Threat

I checked my comments this morning and was pleased to find that I have been given not one, not even two, but three blog awards!  I was given the "One Lovely Blog" award and the "Sunshine" award by Tiffany@My Crowded Kitchen and (for the second time) I received the "Liebster" award from Bonnie@Simply This and That. Both lovely ladies have some truly lovely blogs, and you should definitely check them out. 

There are a few questions that accompany these awards and also a few guidelines for passing them on.  After answering the questions, nominate a few blogs you think are deserving or that you'd like to encourage!

Favorite Color - I like color combos rather than individual colors (yellow, grey, and navy; earth tones, etc)

Favorite Animal -  I love polar bears.  I imagine that they are not, in fact, scary killing machines, but instead they are cuddly... like the ones in the Coke commercials.

Favorite Number - I have always had 4 as my favorite number. I'm not really sure when that started or why. 

Favorite Drink - Dr. Pepper, raspberry lemonade, and what southern girl would be complete without Sweet Tea! 

Facebook or Twitter - Facebook.  I don't plan on ever having a twitter. 

My Passion - The arts.  Music, Art, Cuisine, Dance... anything

Giving or Getting Presents -  Giving.  I get more excited when I find something for someone that I know they will just love than I do about receiving any gift.

Favorite Day - Thursday. My small group meets that night ,and we cook dinner and have Bible Study.  It's a great encouragement to me.  It gets me through the week.

Favorite Flowers I have always loved gerber daisies! The big white ones with the yellow middles.
Now to pass this on to some amazing blogs!
Candy @ the Skeptical Sweeper
Beth @ A Slice of Southern
Carrie @ A-Hooah's-Housewife
Jessica @ Green PB&Js
Allison @ Feeding My Temple


  1. Aw you are too sweet!! Thank you so much for liking my baby blog. It's a work in progress that sometimes gets neglected due to life happening.

    I could honestly cry- this made my month!! Thank you so much!!

    The Skeptical Sweeper

  2. Thank you girl! Good luck at your painting class this weekend!

  3. HOW SWEET! ty girl! seriously so very sweet of u! I nominated you for one as well! (: check it out here:
    -CarrieEve @ a hooahs housewife!


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